Creative Arts Fall 2019


Welcome back, love!

Now that the heat has passed, the leaves have started changing colors and our Fall 2019 semester has very much begun. This semester, we have started off with the theme of Mythology.

Mythology is a collection of stories about a particular culture, usually an ancient culture, with shared beliefs. These tales were reflective of a community’s shared beliefs and were used to teach values, using relationships between people and gods, sometimes featuring imaginary creatures-composited of various animals, people, and nature figures.

These first few classes consisted of students creating a drawing of their own imaginary creatures. They used different parts of various animals, people, and plants. We followed the tradition of Greek and Roman mythological creatures such as the Gorgon, Centaur, and Hydra which are creatures that use composition of various animals and people with magical abilities. Each of our students created their own creatures with a story about their unique powers.

Our students used toned mixed media paper to show depth and texture. The tone also gives us somewhat a timed piece feel. The piece was completed in pencil, black charcoal, and white charcoal. As references, we had our students refer to plastic figures of different animals.

It was amazing to see our students become creative and combine different features of a variety of animals. Our next project continues along the theme of mythology. Stay tuned for more updates!