Reality Room + Summer 2019

Welcome back, love!

I have a load of updates for you all today. First off, Reality Room was a huge success. This year’s exhibition was the biggest one we have had yet and the amount of support we received was in abundance. So many family members, friends, acquaintances, stopped by to celebrate the wonderful works of our students from the past year. I tried my best to take pictures to capture every moment, but these pictures honestly do not portray the overwhelming love we had received.

Shortly after Reality Room, we started our Summer Semester 2019. Little Ashcan Summers are quite different from the Fall and Spring Creative Arts program we hold throughout the school year.

The summer program is divided up by the week. Each class occurs for four consecutive days and the students finish a couple of projects during those days. Here is an example of our first week of our Summer 2019 program.


Color and Expression is based around a painting curriculum. Our students learned how to mix the different primary colors and eventually painted a class mural together. Working on a single large scale painting really got the students to merge their creative ideas together and work as a group. Group work is the most challenging, yet important skill when it comes to the arts in the little ones. When two very creative minds try coming together, they can clash. Our students were able to communicate well with each other and form a single work of art.