Stir up your kid's curiosity

Every kid is an artist.

-Pablo Picasso

Fine Art and Design Program for grade preK-3rd


Creative Development

Developing Creative Ideas and Technical Skills_ We encourage each student's unique creativity and gently guide them in basic art-making techniques. We teach them how to make works of art and how to develop ideas, and we introduce them to many tactile materials, techniques and even art history.

Each of these young students receives the attention necessary for them to become confident in their own creations. Young students have a special way of seeing common things in uncommon ways and we nurture and advance this magical ability. We teach our students how to analyze what they see and how they feel and how to use visual and verbal language to describe their perceptions. 


For our youngest artists, we create a nurturing, creative and supportive environment. Through our classes, students learn how to take their big ideas and make them visible to their world. Through the support and expertise our instructors offer, all of these little artists develop confidence in themselves and appreciation for the beauty and subtleties the world has to offer.