Creative Arts Fall 2019

MYTHOLOGY_The Legend of Icarus

Welcome back, love!

This week, we continued on our journey through Greek mythology standing hand in hand with Icarus. Icarus used wings to escape from the Island of Crete. He is better known as the flying creature who fell from the sky when the wax that joined his two wings was melted by the heat of the sun.

Our students were first greeted with a short story-telling session. Ms. Jacqueline read the narrative of Icarus to the children, who listened well to the details and imagined their our versions of Icarus.

After the narrative, the students were given canvases with acrylic paints. They then chose reference pictures that represented a celestial sky, which would be where Icarus fell from. The children learned how to mix the acrylic paints into the corresponding colors found in their reference pictures. This means we had to mix our primary colors into secondary colors and then into tertiary pastels.

This was just the first part of our project. Next week, we would have our students add in Icarus! Our students already have their ideas down on what the form of Icarus would look like. They will take their portrayals and create a silhouette figure to affix to their canvas paintings of the sky.

For those who have been with us for some time now, you would know about the philosophy behind our classes. We always incorporate art history into each of our projects. This form of art history can come from studying a famous artist and his or her artistic style, a famous movement in art history, or from mythology like our current project.

Mythology is a great topic to study because of the freedom to let our imagination flow. Each student has the ability to recreate their our visions of the characters and scenes. You will be surprised to see how different each student’s version of Icarus is.

Come back next week to meet Icarus!