Fall Creative Arts_Weeks 9-12

Self Portraits

Welcome back! Our Fall semester is coming to an end and we only have two projects left! For our second to last project, we took all the skills we learned so far and incorporated them into our self portraits. These self portraits were a combination of pencil sketching, pen and ink, and watercolor paint. Our instructor always creates examples to show the students what she will be teaching and looking for at the end of the project. Now let’s see how our students did!

The first step was to take a picture of the students and then have them do pencil sketches. During the sketches, the students learned about shadows and how to smudge soft pencil markings to create dimension to the face. Our instructor assisted the students in making the face shape, helped them when it came to the proportions. The students were able to understand the concept of shadows and observation, which is really what we were going for here. After the pencil sketching was where the pen and ink came in. The students started tracing the thicker parts of their pencil sketches, so that those parts would still show up even after the watercolor paint is later added. You can see the pen strokes where our student’s glasses are! She had just started tracing when I took this picture.

The next steps were finishing the pen and ink and moving onto watercolor. Watercolor was tricky because you have to take into consideration where we added the shadows. Paints had to be mixed in different tones to really recreate the shadows of the face. If you look at the work below, you can just imagine how many different tones our student had to mix in order to recreate the depth in the shadows. You can really see dimension around the cheeks and forehead.

Another thing I noticed was how easily the students were able to mix the paints. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but these kids were able to mix the different primary colors into the EXACT colors that they saw. I mean, it was just incredible! The little boy right above - his shirt is a mix of a deep maroon and navy. Do you see how exact the colors match? He whipped up those colors all on his own and it surprised all of us! It really is amazing how these students are able to take what they learned and use it in their work.

Next week, we will have finished up these self portraits and moved onto our final project of the year. The weather is getting super chilly and Christmas is right around the corner. I’ll see you again next week!